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Current Exhibition: Dan Covert

Dan Covert is always interested in conjuring responses from the juxtaposition of order and abstraction. In the process of structuring and ordering abstract shapes so they appear composed yet spontaneous. And the paradox of using analogue means to try and pursue a perfection that can only be obtained with digital or mechanical processes. There’s a beauty in the fact that matter how hard you try to hide your hand and its gestures, it will always be visible if you look close enough. 

Over the years Dan Covert has done a lot of research and experimentation to find paints and mediums that are very flat and super opaque. Finally settling on gouache for painting on paper. Each piece is started freehand in the sketchbook, intentionally working very fast and loose. When these initial sketches are satisfactory, they are taken to the computer, in Illustrator with very precise geometry. Finally moving the compositions and shapes back again using transfer paper to whichever surface Dan Covert is working with. Here the battle for perfection begins, as he paints freehand with brushes, painstakingly without the aid of masks.

Positives and Negatives


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